New Hiring Signals for Early Talent Recruiters

How You Can Leverage Fit, Suitability & Intent to Redefine your Recruitment Strategy

Until recently, recruiters have been heavily dependent on the resume: a dated artifact that is hard to assess, particularly for emerging talent who have yet to acquire relevant work experience.

But there is a set of new hiring signals for early talent teams - Fit, Suitability, and Intent - and many top-performing companies are leveraging them to make better hiring decisions.

And the impact is clear: Forage candidates outperform non-Forage candidates. They are 2x more likely to advance to the interview stage, 4x more like to receive an offer and 4x more like to accept.

Key points covered in this paper:

  • Challenges with the traditional hiring signals
  • The importance of Virtual Experience Programs
  • Enhanced hiring signals: Fit, Suitability, and Intent
  • Positive impact on DE&I and hiring outcomes
  • Best practices when leveraging these new signals