3 Ways to Revolutionize Your Hiring Practice

How recognizing applicants’ intent, ability, and engagement will help you attract, and keep, top talent

Inequities in education and a "power of numbers" job search culture make traditional hiring signals, such as college pedigree and GPA, unreliable and inaccessible. Employers that rely on them are left ill-equipped to surface high-potential, highly committed, and diverse early talent. 

But today we have the tools necessary for employers to go beyond these signals. This eBook gives you the insights on the advanced hiring signals top employers use to combat inequity and make the right hire

  • Why inequity makes traditional hiring signals unreliable
  • The impact of the current job search culture on students and employers
  • The three advanced hiring signals that tell employers whether an applicant will thrive in a particular workplace - and how to test for them

Traditional hiring practices don't serve you anymore. Read on to revolutionize them.

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